Tastes & flavours

◊ French flavours
From the homemade charcuterie to the duck breast roasted with maak toum and the Burgundy snails, L'Eléphant offers you original French family-style cuisine. A cuisine that mixes traditional French dishes with Southeast Asian flavours: lamb shank perfumed with Indochinese cardamom and tarte tatin of exotic fruits, for example.
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◊ Lao tastes
Fresh herbs from our organic garden (coriander, mint, ginger, lemongrass…..), coconut milk, Luang Prabang mushrooms, fish from the Mekong, buffalo are the essential ingredients of Lao cuisine. L'Eléphant restaurant cooks typical Lao dishes for you; dried meats and river weed as an appetizers, soups, grilled meats or fish wrapped in banana leaves…..

• Discover the Lao menu and our other menu.
Les épices utiliséesà l'élephant
Un mélange d'herbes fraiches utilisée en cuisine et issue des jardins biologiques de l'Elephant